Had enough with her cheating and lies. Time for revenge.

Had enough with her cheating and lies. Time for revenge.


Make sure you record it and post it here


You do what you need to do. There deserves to be some form of punishment for cheating. However, you need to understand that the pleasure that you get from your revenge, is short lived. A moment of revenge, doesn't heal you. So have your revenge if you want. But after that you need time to heal yourself. Good luck.


So true. Thank you


I hate nasty ass cheaters.. do it.. Make sure you update us..


This plan is perfectly harsh enuf!!! U know shes never gonna stop cheating


You are the MAN.


Hey by all means bust her dead to rights. After that just walk away and find somebody that makes you happy. That is the best revenge. What I don't get is why you stuck around after the initial drug problems and cheating. Anybody with a fully functioning brain knows the double whammy of being with a junkie who also cheats is doomed to failure. Learn your lesson. Bail after the first time it happens, not the second or third incident.


My brain was definitely only half functional. I can’t even argue. I loved her anyhow. I’m coming to my senses finally.


Rules for life: 1: If she cheated with you, she will cheat with you. 2: Don't stick your dick in crazy(includes junkies). Those are the golden rules people should follow.


Good for you. Never trust a junkie and never trust somebody who cheats on you, not to do it again. I went through that with an ex girlfriend (with opioid addiction) and she got kicked to the curb as soon as I found out. Give somebody like that a second chance and they shit all over you, then move on to the next victim.


By no means do I condone what she's doing I wouldn't be here if I wasn't in the same boat but I don't think you have considered what if what if she jumps in a car with someone to get a ride back because she has no phone and they rape and murder her or something like that I mean just what if are you going to be able to live with yourself if that happens. Because I totally agree 100% what's happening and your revenge part of it but I don't think I would just drive off and leave her standing there I would at least take her back somewhere where she's safe and then part I would let her sweat it for a while but I wouldn't let her out of my sight don't let her see you unless you can live with a bad outcome then it's all on you I couldn't I would have to take her back safe. But I do want to know the outcome let us know good luck. And I'm sorry you're going through this as well


Let the man do what he wants, if she does something stupid that’s her ass. He wants revenge so let me have it, no need to be considerate to her, just do what you said you gonna do and post it here 😄


dang you guys are sadistic and yeah i believe cheater suck and we need to leave them but the best revenge is them not having access to us. Y’all just want to hurt them physically and harm them mentality she already has depression and is suicidal. If he knew about he should of left her especially knowing her issues. Druggies need therapy and rehab, something is wrong with them mentality.


You can post the convo in r/adulteryHate sub. Just remove/blackout name and pics.


I prefer the “tell all their friends and family, provide them with screenshots” approach, but so long as y’all are safe, go for it.


Do it. But male sure she is oit of your life immediately after you send her the pic. All her belongings gone etc.


break up with her but don’t do anything too revengeful, take back your phone and things. She obviously as her own problems especially with drugs and cheating: And leave her, she doesn’t deserve you for spoiling her. Please don’t do anything to hurt her physically tho. She’s already struggling and probably does anything and irrational things to cope with severe depression. Since she is suicidal they tend to do anything just to feel better and don’t think about consequences , she needs therapy and you need to leave her the best revenge is for her not to have access to you and for you to take back your things.


Good but you should let her in a more remote place. Are you sure you can't let her close to a supposed farm the guy 'owns' and is at least so remote she will have to sleep in the wild or try and find a place in a farm close while having to walk at least 10 miles at night in a moonless night or something? First "the guy" needs to tell her he has a farm. Then he has the drugs she likes, then she can spend a whole weekend with him while using drugs and the only bad thing is that he can't go and get her. Then you send pictures of him or someone like him with a horse or something. Then "Will you come to visit me?". And then you make up some story like you will have to go some place and conveniently close to the place so she can go to the place and the place doesn't have cell sign. Also you will spend a weekend away performing a job or whatever. This is so she can 'get smart' and she can invent an excuse to have you leave her there. If she's stupid enough she can fall into the trap if you elaborate. "He" can even send her a location from google Earth.Bad thing is you wouldn't be able to confront her after she comes back desolated. But then you will say just something like. Sorry, I found a hotter gf so you can leave. Shoosh.


I’m gonna tell her she’s like the Delta virus, a super spreader. Then I’ll tell her to keep the phone that will no longer work


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I’m slick enough without that service. Mine is fucking guys for drugs/money and shes a sex addict as well. My situation seems less complicated to catch her


And more fun. But why are you going so easy on her?


You don’t think luring, stranding and humiliating is enough? What else do you think I should add in?