DACA Renewal

DACA Renewal


Hang in there ! After 5 months of waiting my finally got approved and is being produced. Mine expires tomorrow and I was really thinking it wouldn’t happen in time !


Did you have to go in for biometrics? I'm on the same boat as OP, mine expires next week and work has already said they have to terminate me then..


They sent me to biometrics literally 2 weeks ago! I was so anxious everyday since because from there it’s just a waiting game on being approved !


ah okay, thank you! I haven't gotten biometrics yet, so it's a shot in the dark for me but I'm super happy for you!


You can make an "Inquiry Request" after 105 days but nothing sooner since they're reusing your Biometrics.


If it's barely on that stage I would say there's absolutely no way it comes in 2 weeks unless you get extremely lucky


Contact your congressman's office. I did this in Michigan and got a response within a week that my case had not been assigned to an agent yet (about 90 days waiting at this point). My card got approved one week after the inquiry and it is being produced. It doesn't hurt to ask for help.


We are on the same boat. My job gave me a month leave and it’s up at the end of the month I’m panicking the Nebraska center is processing it and all i have is the notice they sent me on March 26th... let’s keep hope.


Sent mine in in February and got rejected do to a mistake from our attorney. I didn’t want to make a mistake so I paid them to do It and here we are. They resubmitted it and accepted April 5. April 27 letter for biometrics being reused and still nothing. Mine expires in 2 days. Got notified from my job that I will be let go if I don’t get an approval by Saturday. Really pisses me off really but hey we have been fighting for along time. Everything will get better. Being processed at Nebraska center


I’m on day 81 and all I’ve gotten is the acceptance receipts and nothing else. Nebraska


I'm on the same waiting boat.


I was approved yesterday. Notice received Mar 16, reised biometrics, case status changed from received to vard being produced at day 90


Mine was due to expire 06/19


Thank you. You give me a little faith!