Looking for a massage parlor with a no tip policy, and no funny stuff.

Looking for a massage parlor with a no tip policy, and no funny stuff.


I recently had a good experience at Soma. They still accept tips, I don't know the overall break down of money to house vs masseuse, but it was very professional and priced at a point where it didn't feel crazy expensive but not like they aren't paying their masseuse's either.


I'll second Soma - great place.


I’m not sure about a no tip policy but this is a reputable place. https://indigomassagetherapy.com


Second this! I always tip because the massages are amazing.


Any legitimate massage therapist ought to have a no-“just the tip” policy.


I'm looking for the exact opposite, and I will tip very well for the funny stuff


Pink Spa and Massage. It’s across the street from the old PTs strip club in Illinois. I’ve never heard anyone mention the quality of the massage but people have definitely commented on the funny stuff.


Same here. I could use a good joke. Finding a masseuse who is also a comedian is not easy.




I need to know this too. I mean, my friend needs to know.


I work for a place where all of the massage therapists set their own rates. ALL of them have chosen prices that they feel fairly compensated for their time, and ALL of them still love to be tipped if their clients are satisfied with the massage. They all have at least 15 years of experience not including all the training they do in various techniques. I think you should look for an independent place and not one of the big chains where the therapists don’t have any control over what they are paid or who they see. They also require their clients to sign a waiver that makes it very clear that there will be no “funny business” and if the client attempts to initiate anything inappropriate, the massage will end, the client will pay, and the police will be called.