r/truscum be like.....

r/truscum be like.....


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They’re deadass just transphobic. I should’ve expected as much but goddamn it’s so blatant.


/uj You don't even have to agree with Judith Butler to realize transmeds are causing the opposite of their stated goal and are therefore harmful


/uj I think the stated goal is a rationalization for disgust at “trenders”. At least, that’s how it was for me. Seems like most transphobia is built on disgust. I wish more people would recognize their disgust for what it is and work through it instead of rationalizing it within a larger framework.


What does she say in her book?


As far as I know, she believes that since it seems to be impossible to find a universally applicable definition of "woman" (and all the other genders accordingly), gender must be entirely socially constructed. Not only that, but sex is too, because we first need to look, measure, record human bodies and start categorizing our results to then *create* the concept of sex. But to be fair, I have not read her work myself (I'm kinda depressed rn and have issues with my attention span), only [this (very critical) Marxist essay](https://www.marxist.com/marxism-vs-queer-theory.htm)\* on it, though which quotes her for all it's claims about her views. The essay convinced me that I fundamentally disagree with her because I'm (philosophically) a materialist (i. e. ideas, language, culture are a reflection of our relationship with a material reality that always exists) while she is an idealist (i. e. she believes that in the end, everything in some way comes down to ideas, language, culture and no material world actually exists without it - language is not a reflection of reality, but it **is itself** reality). But I will read her myself when I hopefully have the energy, just to make sure she wasn't taken out of context or anything. \*the site is Trotskyist, I'm not one, but I still find some of it's essays interesting




Someone make a truecum subreddit please!




Well that guy is wrong, transmeds think you need medical transition to be trans and truscums think you need dysphoriato be trans. I think everyone wants insurance-covered transition.